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Common Sense Financial

William Peterson believes that money is a tool to enjoy life rather than life being all about the money itself.  His mission and the mission of "The Common Sense Financial Planning Show" is to create a financial environment for his clients wherein they can enjoy their lives regardless of good or bad economies or good or bad health.  He tries to give them the financial freedom to realize their dreams.  College for the kids.  Paying off the mortgage.  A stress free retirement that ensures the money will be there when his clients need it.

Mr. Peterson is a Series 65 Investment Advisor Representative for Brookstone Capital Management LLC.  He is also life and health insurance licensed.  As an independent advisor, Mr. Peterson represents dozens of companies affording him the ability to offer the very best products and services for his clients.  William Peterson has set his business and "The Common Sense Financial Planning Show" up to provide, with little exception, virtually any type of investment opportunity for his clients*.  Securities, Insurance investments, conservative, and aggressive.  He is also adept in helping folks get the most out of Social Security, Medicare, charitable giving, and creative concepts designed to help clients get the most bang for their hard earned buck!!

Unlike many advisors, William Peterson is a fiduciary.  This standard dictates that he must ALWAYS ACT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF HIS CLIENTS.

Nothing less will do.  He takes this responsibility very seriously and his history of happy clients is a good measure of his success.