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James Donald (JD) Guidi, Jr.

Birthday: April 25th

Birthplace: Sacramento, CA

Interests & Hobbies: I'm a huge sports fan! Baseball, football and boxing are my favorites. In the past few years I have become very interested in the ancient Egyptians. This may sound funny, but I first became fascinated by the Egyptian tombs, religion and way of life when I visited the King Tut exhibit at the Luxor in Las Vegas (I was still sober) in 2005. I've been back every year and always visit King Tut's Tomb. In my next life I would like to be an archaeologist.

Favorite Motherlode Hangout:  1. My couch in front of my TV. 2. My fantasy choice is Ron Olivero's Boatworks Pizza in Sutter Creek. Maybe when Ron retires, we can talk him into bringing back Boatworks.

Claim to Fame: I once ate 49 chicken nuggets at Wendy's. You're impressed right? You know you are.

First Real Job: Rainbow Water/Alhambra Water Delivery Person.

One Thing Listeners would be surprised to learn about you: I like the new Brittney Spears album (I'm surprised too).

Favorite Books: I like reading autobiographies. I forget the title, but my favorite was by Joe Bonanno.

Favorite All Time TV Show: 24. Don't mess w/ Jack Bauer.

Favorite Sports Team: SF Giants

Quote To Live By: Have fun and be safe, or " He who smelt it dealt it."