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Multiple Traffic Collisions Reported in Amador County.

Multiple traffic collisions were reported in Amador County over the last couple of days. According to CHP reports, at about 3 pm on New Year's Day, a Rancho Cordova Man was riding his mororcycle westbound on Sutter-Ione Road, west of Highway 49 with a group of other riders. He lost control on a curve and collided into a boulder. He sustained serious injuries and was flown to Kaiser Hospital for treatment.

Later that evening, a woman driving wesbound on Highway 88 in a group of card going 35 miles an hour. When the cars came onto a straight-away, she moved into the eastbound lane to pass, but an SUV also started into the lane to pass, forcing the woman's car off the roadway. She slid down an embankment and struck a tree.

Other accidents included an early New Year's morning mishap with a driver who managed to run a vehicle onto the steps on the National Hotel in Jackson. A Plymouth man who ran off Pioneer Volcano Road Monday evening and hit a road sign, and a DUI arrest on Highway 49 south of Bell Road after the driver backed down a steep embankment and called a tow truck for assistance to get his pickup truck back onto the road.

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