Road Rage Incident Escalated into Walmart Altercation

Road Rage incident escalated into Walmart altercation

A Road Rage incident turned into an altercation at the Jackson Walmart recently.  According to reports from the Amador County Sheriff’s Office, Wednesday evening, multiple sheriff units responded to a call that there was a man with a gun in Walmart.   A woman had followed another driver into Walmart and confonted him. They argued, and at some point she armed herself with a tire iron, but did not brandish it or assault anyone with it. She claimed that he had pointed a gun at her in the dispute, but a search of the man and his vehicle revealed no firearm and all witnesses said there was no firearm.  The woman changed her story saying he pointed his finger like a gun so she just assumed he had a gun.  There were no injuries regarding the incident and though it caused quite a commotion in the store, ultimately it was just a verbal dispute over merging. 

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