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Jackson Couple Sues Samsung

Jackson Couple Sues Samsung

An Amador county couple is suing Samsung after claiming their cell phone burst into flames this summer. The phone in this incident, a Galaxy s6, is not the one covered by the recent recall, and the victims’ lawyer claims there have been other similar problems with several different Samsung models.  According to court documents filed Wednesday, the cell phone allegedly exploded inside the Jackson home of Brandon and Jennifer Covert early on the morning of Aug. 2.  Brandon awoke to the sound of what he thought was a gunshot, looked over to his dresser, and found his phone on fire shooting flames 4 to 5 inches high and quickly filling the room with smoke. Fearing that the house would catch fire, and his family would be harmed, he tried to extinguish the flames with a nearby shirt then grabbed the phone and ran to the kitchen sink to drench the phone with water, burning his hand.  The suit claims the couple has suffered physical, mental and emotional injuries from the incident.  The lawsuit also lists more than 35 other complaints about other earlier models of Samsung cell phones, tablets, and accessories left at the Consumer Product Safety Commission from other consumers who have complained about devices overheating, catching fire, or even exploding. Some of the complaints date back to 2011.


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