Angels City Council Postpones Discussion On Smoking Ban

Angels Camp Postpones Discussion On Smoking Ban

The Angels Camp City Council postponed discussion of a proposed smoking ban until early next year. According to reports, the Council was to discuss a proposal to put laws around smoking in public establishments, among other things, but Council member Bert Sobon was out of town, so the remainder of the council delayed the vote. Dozens of people from both sides of the issue attended the meeting with the intention of providing their input and getting more information. The ordinance would restrict smoking within 20 feet and inside of public places, county-owned buildings, outdoor recreational places, sidewalks owned by the city and common areas within a multi-unit residential site. Smoking will be allowed within a residence at the consent of the owner if it does not impact a property nearby, within 20 percent of the rooms of a hotel or motel, inside a vehicle without a minor and at an outside lot, with owner consent, more than 20 feet away from an area where smoking is restricted.

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