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Bark Canker Attacks Local Oaks

Bark Canker Attacks Local Oaks

Another threat to local trees has entered Calaveras County, this one attacking oak trees.  According to reports, oak trees in the Greenhorn Creek neighborhood were found with a disease called foamy bark canker.  The disease is reportedly transmitted by western oak bark beetles and usually affects Coast Live Oak trees, but has been found in other Live Oak trees.  Symptoms include discoloration and seepage from entry holes.   A reddish sap may also be seen seeping from the entry holes followed by a heavy foamy liquid that comes out of those holes.  There have not been any reports of the disease in trees other than the ones at Greenhorn Creek.  Exterminators are treating the trees there now with insecticides and fungicides to try to prevent the spread of the disease. 


Written by Dave Eisenhauer

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