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Pot Theft In Calaveras

Pot Theft In Calaveras

Calaveras County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man over the weekend wanted for a marijuana robbery and shooting that took place earlier last week.  Kevin Louis Cucuk was arrested Saturday evening hiding out in a residence on Pine Cone Lane in West Point.  According to the Sheriff’s Office, he was charged with suspicion of attempted homicide, robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm.  Last Tuesday, Calaveras deputies responded to the report of a marijuana robbery off Bummerville Road near West Point.  The victim told the deputies that as he was trimming marijuana plants, a suspect appeared and pointed a gun at his face and ordered him to sit down.  The suspect then placed a large amount of marijuana onto a tarp. The suspect then took a motorcycle, valued at $2,500, and the marijuana, valued at $5,000 and fled the scene.  Within minutes, the owner of the marijuana arrived and shots were fired from two different types of firearms in their direction. One of the victims identified Cucuk as the robbery suspect. The Sheriff’s Office believes Cucuk has been involved in other robberies of marijuana in the area.


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