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Jackson Negotiates With SEIU

Jackson Negotiates With SEIU

The City of Jackson continued negotiations with its employees at last night's city council meeting.  Up for approval was a memorandum of understanding for the SEIU union that represents most of the general employees.  The agreement covers the next three years, and while it doesn't include a general salary increase, it does offer increases for special pay and bonuses, and offers some addition perks to employees, such as city-provided cell phones.   A dispute arose whether an increase to keep pace with California's rising minimum wage only applied to those employees who currently made below the new minimum, or would apply to all employees covered by the agreement.  The Council moved that the item be continued so that this detail could be worked out between the Union and City.    The Council also considered an item regarding fees at the city cemetery.  The city charges a reduced rate for use of the cemetery for city residents, and a recent plot purchase was in dispute, as the buyers do not live in the city, but do own property here.  With Mayor Keith Sweet citing Solomon, the council proposed splitting the difference between the city and non-city rate for the disputed case.  The Council also received reports on the progress of the City's compliance with its General Plan and efforts to stop storm water from infiltrating into the sewer system.


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