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Multi Property Pot Bust In Calaveras

Multi Property Pot Bust In Calaveras

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department arrested 23 people early Tuesday morning and seized 1,000 pounds of marijuana from about 1,500 plants from three illegal grow sites believed tied to Asian gangs out of the Bay Area.  Sheriff Rick DiBasilio described the grow as, “Not your mom-and-pop typical type of a grow.” The eradication sites were on Argonaut Lane near Quartz Mountain and Skull Springs road in the West Point Area. One of the grow sites discovered by deputies, spanned three properties.  According to DiBasilio, an unrelated bust two weeks ago led investigators to Milpitas, which eventually led them back to these sites in Calaveras County.  Authorities say the farms also violated a number of environmental protection rules and codes. There was a pile of household garbage 3 feet high that stretched more than 10 yards. A pile of empty pesticide containers nearly six feet high covering another large area and trees were also removed and grading work done, all without permits.  The workers were booked into jail on suspicion of felony cannabis cultivation and the property owners could face citations for environmental damage, which will be handled as civil matters. The raid netted about $6 million dollars in pot.


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