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PG&E Says Don't Be Tricked This Halloween!

PG&E Says Don't Be Tricked This Halloween! 

PG&E is telling its customers to not be “tricked” by some energy savings myths this Halloween, or anytime. There are many myths about energy savings, but there are 5 that keep coming back. Myth 1 - shifting energy use to off peak hours will automatically save you money. Not true – it will only save money if you are on a time of use plan, although it will help reduce stress on the grid. Myth 2 – Turning off appliances will stop all energy use. Wrong – many appliances are “vampires” and suck up energy even when turned off. Myth 3 – Leaving a light on uses less energy than turning it off and on. Boo! – that’s just inaccurate, plus lighting accounts for 15% of energy costs in most households. Myth 4 – electric space heaters save money. Also wrong – space heaters are energy using monsters and also unsafe. And Myth 5 – Water usage doesn’t impact energy usage. Not true – water heating accounts for about 20 percent of an average home. You can get more information on these myths and more at pge.com


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