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Amador Campaign Finances

Amador Campaign Finances 

With just days to go in Campaign 2016, the latest round of campaign finance disclosures shows that the most contested race in the County remains Board of Supervisors District 4, as well as the increasing role of the Political Action Committee known as Friends of Agribusiness.  In campaign filings that include September 25th through October 22nd, Board of Supervisor District 4 incumbent Louis Boitano has raised $3,887 with a grand total of $45,054 for the entire year.  Boitano's single largest donation was $650 from Teresa Wagstaff of Pine Grove.  He also received a $475 donation from Mark Faryan of Pine Grove and $100 from County Assessor Jim Rooney. The challenger in the race, Frank Axe has raised $10,633 in the last two months and $35,717 overall.   Axe's largest donation came from SEIU Local 1021, which represents most County Employees, and donated $5,000.  SEIU has given Axe's campaign a total of $12,500 this year.  Axe also received $2,520 from Edmond Taylor of San Francisco and $80 from District 3 Supervisor Lyn Morgan.  The Friends of Agribusiness political action committee raised $7,948 from July to October 22nd.  Notable contributors include $3500 from the Richard Forster for Supervisor Campaign, $500 from Newman Minerals LLC, and $500 from Malone Family Vineyards.  Friends of Agribusiness has spent $4,882 on behalf of Louis Boitano's reelection and $3,817 in the Plymouth City Council races, advocating for the election of candidates Keith White, Burdine Guillot, and Carol Hayward and against the re-election of incumbent Jon Colburn.  No candidates in other races, such as school board or city councils have declared significant campaign contributions.  Election Day is one week from today, November 8th.


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