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Goundwater and Traffic Fees Top Ione Agenda

Goundwater and Traffic Fees Top Ione Agenda

The Ione City Council worked traffic fees, groundwater quality and hired a new lawyer at its meeting last night.  The Council approved a report on the County's Traffic Mitigation fee program and approved its operations for the coming year.  As he has done in the past, Councilman Dominic Atlan questioned if Ione was getting benefits from the program, which collects fees on new development to pay for road improvement around the County, but did vote to approve the program.   The Council also approved a new contract for groundwater monitoring for the next year.  The City is required to check local groundwater, specifically for heavy metal contamination as it attempts to lift State water quality violations against its sewer treatment plant.   Finally the Council approved an agreement for outside counsel for the City's new Building review board.  The Board, which was appointed two weeks ago, will hear appeals related to the city building code and require legal advice independent from the city's own attorney.


Written by Craig Baracco

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