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Emergency Leak Repairs Leave Arnold Without Water

Emergency Leak Repairs Leave Arnold Without Water

Emergency leak repairs meant Calaveras County Water District customers in Arnold were without water service for a time this morning. The repairs began around 10am and were expected to be completed by noon. They impacted customers in Arnold between the Black Bear Inn on Oak Circle and the southwest portion of Meadowmont Subdivision. There may be some residual effect, mainly discolored water, in the area today. CCWD has not been allowed to flush lines in a couple of years due to the drought, so minerals have been building up in the pipelines. CCWD says that even if the water is discolored, it is completely safe to drink and poses no health risk. This discoloration may last a few days.  If customers experience discolored water and would like to flush their personal plumbing systems to remove the discolored water, they can turn on an outside faucet at the lowest point of their properties and let it run until the water turns clear. To avoid wasting water, CCWD encourages customers to capture the flushed water for later use on trees, shrubs or other landscaping.


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