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Residential Burglaries Top Sutter Creek Agenda

Residential Burglaries Top Sutter Creek Agenda

Discussion of a recent string of residential burglaries drew a large crowd to the Sutter Creek City Council meeting last night.  Newly appointed Sutter Creek Police Chief James O'Connell addressed the room full of concerned residents.  There have been four residential burglaries in Sutter Creek in the last month with the crimes committed mostly during daylight hours. Chief O'Connell described the typical pattern as being a suspect who knocks on the front door to make sure no one is home, and then attempts to enter the home from rear.  Sutter Creek police arrested a Lodi resident in connection to one of the burglaries earlier this month and Jackson police arrested a suspect linked to two others just yesterday.  Over the last year, the City of Sutter Creek has reported a total of eight residential burglaries.  T he Sutter Creek police department has scheduled a special crime prevention forum for Thursday, January 5th to further discuss the burglaries, and ways for residents to prevent further incidence and feel more secure in their homes.  In the meantime, O'Connell urged people to  “Be mindful of each other” and “lock your doors”

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