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Recurring Scam Targeting Seniors

Recurring Scam Targeting Seniors

A local grandmother wants to warn people about a recurring scam that she recently avoided. The local resident received a phone call from someone claiming to be her grand-daughter. The called was convincing enough to keep the conversation going and told the grandmother she was unfairly arrested in New York City and needed tens of thousands of dollars to bail out. The grandmother was smart and recognized this as a scam and hung up. This is a fairly common scam and the callers can be very convincing and play of the victim’s verbal cues to make it sound like they are really their grandchild. Law enforcement officials say you should be very careful about giving out any money or account information, even if the person sounds like a relative. Say you’ll call them back and then hang up and call the number you have in your phone book for your relative to be sure. Chances are they weren’t the person who called.


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