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Cannabis Contribution In Question


Cannabis Contribution In Question 

A $3,000 donation from a cannabis farm to a nonprofit that supports Rail Road Flat School, has stirred the proverbial pot in Calaveras County.  Calaveras Unified School District Superintendent Mark Campbell, who is also the principal of the school, said the donation from Millerrail Farms in Rail Road Flat earlier this month went to the Friends of the Rail Road Flat School, a nonprofit organization.  Campbell accepted the donation saying as long as the money goes through a middleman, he sees no problem and it isn’t as if the school is receiving resources from a cannabis cultivation organization.  The donation will help fund preschool programs that have been closed this year as the group searches for a teacher.  The money will also go to music programs.  This is not the first time the Friends of the Rail Road Flat School has accepted a donation from a cannabis grower.  In the past two years they’ve received contributions from the Calaveras Cannabis Alliance.  Campbell added it would be inappropriate for the school to receive donations directly from a cannabis group just as if it would not be OK to receive gifts from alcohol companies and says district officials will have to discuss the situation moving forward. 


Written by Joey Guidi

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