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Calaveras Recovers Deadline Looms

Calaveras Recovers Deadline Looms

Calaveras Recovers is cutting off new applications for help at the end of the year. I’ts been 15 months and the volunteers at Calaveras Recovers have helped hundreds of survivors. They think they’ve identified all of the survivors, but don’t want to miss anyone, so they are putting the word out and setting a deadline of December 31st to submit requests. Calaveras Recovers will supplement a survivor’s funds from FEMA, CalOES, and any early PG&E payouts to purchase material and then will leverage that money with volunteer labor from throughout North America. Members of the Mennonite Disaster Services have been working on two homes in the Mountain Ranch area. Other faith-based groups have pledged to come help build the dozens of homes for the uninsured: United Methodist Committee on Relief, Lutheran Disaster Response, and California Southern Baptist Disaster Service to name a few. Call (209)754-4606 Tuesday through Thursday or visit the Calaveras Recovers office 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday at the Mountain Ranch Community Park.


Written by Dave Eisenhauer

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