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Maximum Enforcement Period Starts Tonight

 Maximum Enforcement Period Starts Tonight

Another holiday weekend is upon us and the CHP and PG&E want you to celebrate safely. New Years Eve is a busy one on normal days, but this one falls on a weekend, making it extra busy on the roads. The CHP has a Maximum Enforcement Period in effect from 6 tonight until 11:59 pm Monday. All available officers will be on the roads looking for drunk, distracted and speeding drivers. Icy roadways will make it even more dangerous. PG&E says sometimes these drivers crash into power poles, causing power outages and the very dangerous situation of a power line coming down. They warn people that if you do come into contact with a power line while driving, stop and stay inside your car. Call 911 and wait for emergency personnel to tell you when it is safe to get out and then follow their instructions. If there is a fire and you have to get out right away, take off any loose clothing, keep your hands at your sides and jump clear of your car, the key being not to be touching the ground and your car at the same time. And then shuffle away without picking up your feet.


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