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Camanche Reservoir Expected To Spill Over

Camanche Reservoir Expected To Spill Over

Camanche Reservoir is expected to start spilling for the first time in 20 years. East Bay Municipal Utility district Spokesperson Janess Miller told KVGC today that the recent heavy rains piled on an already near-full reservoir, bringing it to spilling stage. Miller says they have been working closely with the San Joaquin County OES and held a multi-agency meeting on Sunday, with about 70 people in attendance, to update each other and some residents who live downstream. Among the updates was the encouraging news that Camanche Reservoir is holding up very well to the stress of the heavy rains and East Bay MUD is thoroughly inspecting the dam multiple times every day. That’s on top of their regular inspections that happen year round, by themselves and with their regulators. Miller added that people downstream from the dam may not even notice much when the lake reaches the spillway. Miller says they will continue to work closely with emergency agencies and are ready to act quickly if they need to. 

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