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Sheriff Ryan Backs AB 1326

Sheriff Ryan Backs AB 1326

Assemblyman Jim Cooper introduced legislation last week that aims to toughen the state’s penalties on serial thieves.  According to Cooper, current state law, which was shaped by Proposition 47, considers a theft to be a misdemeanor if the stolen item’s value is less than $950 in each case. Under Cooper’s Assembly Bill 1326, an offender can face felony theft charges if he or she steals more than $950 worth of items within one year.  Cooper argued that Prop. 47 motivated serial thieves who repeatedly target businesses since they don’t fear light punishments.  AB 1326 is co-sponsored by law enforcement and grocer organizations and a few of their leaders spoke at the recent press conference including Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan.  Sheriff Ryan said that property crimes have gone up in Amador County and that county residents have been victimized by repeat offenders.  He mentioned a case where Amador Deputies contacted a thief who stole a large-screen television.  The offender then asked them if he was in trouble since the stolen merchandise was less than $950.  Ryan told the crowd, “They are criminally bent, but they are not stupid and this bill will make criminals more accountable.” AB 1326 could become a state proposition on the 2018 ballot if state legislators approve the bill for election.


Written by Joey Guidi

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