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A Virus Hits Local Computers Hard

A Virus Hits Local Computers Hard

A computer virus appears to be hitting local computers pretty hard. Tori Moody of CPU Computers in Pine Grove called KVGC to inform us that they suddenly had an influx of multiple computers coming in with some kind of virus. She says the message tells the user they have an expired or invalid Windows license number and they need to fix it. The message also includes what appears to be a screenshot of the Control Panel for the user’s computer, but it is not. Moody says if you think you’ve downloaded a virus, take it to a professional. Art Rings with the Computer Depot in Jackson agrees with bringing it to a professional and adds that the best way to avoid this kind of problem is to not click on or open things if you don’t know the sender. You can contact CPU Computers at 296-0660 and Computer Depot at 223-5867.


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