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Facts About Local Health Habits

Facts About Local Health Habits 

Recent surveys provide some interesting facts about local health habits. Public Health officials have released statewide data around a number of different habits. Here is a breakdown of a few key facts. I)n Amador and Calaveras Counties, 22.7% of kids use tobacco, compared to the state average of 13.8%. 29% of Calaveras County 11th graders binge drink, while 22% of Amaodr County’s do the same. The survey, which is entitled Healthy Stores, Healthy Communities, also breaks down a number of stats surrounding tobacco and alcohol marketing in stores, as well as other things. For example, in Calaveras County, 53% of stores sell fresh fruits and vegetables, while 23% of Amador County’s do. There are a number of other statistics related to health and healthy habits on the survey page. Go to healthystoreshealthycommunity.com and choose your county to find out more.


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