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ACBOS Approves Eminent Domain Action

ACBOS Approves Eminent Domain Action

Meeting in special session on Friday morning the Amador County Board of Supervisors approved an eminent domain action to take land for safety improvements at the Fiddletown Road-Shenandoah Road intersection.  The Supervisors voted unanimously to take just under five acres of land.  The land is currently held in a conservation easement, which made the eminent domain action necessary to use the land for road construction.  Ellie Rout of the Mother Lode Land Trust, which administers the conservation easement, said the Land Trust would not fight the action, but urged the Supervisors to work to keep the amount of land used to a minimum.  Most other public comments were on the details of the improvement project itself.  One of the County's most notorious intersections, Fiddletown-Shennedoah lies between Fiddletown, Plymouth and the Shenandoah Valley's numerous wineries and has been the scene of frequent traffic accidents, including ones that have causes major injuries and even death.  The proposed project will replace the current lane merge with a T-intersection with a stop sign.  The County has already spent two million dollars on the project, and the total project is expected to cost five million dollars to complete.


Written by Craig Baracco

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