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Judge Strikes Measure B From Ballot

Judge Strikes Measure B From Ballot

A judge assigned to Calaveras County Superior Court has ordered the county elections office to delete Measure B, a citizen’s initiative to ban commercial cannabis cultivation, from the May 2nd special election ballot.  According to court documents, Judge Richard Meyer, from Alpine County, said Measure B fails to comply with language stipulations required by state Election Code for an ordinance submitted to local voters. The Judge also ruled that the measure is misleading and flawed because it implied voters are seeking approval for a Calaveras County Board of Supervisors action instead of having voters direct the board to take action on their behalf.  It’s unclear what avenue of action proponents of Measure B will now take, but according to Rebecca Turner, Calaveras Clerk-Recorder and Registrar of Voters, only about 2,300 of what would have been roughly 29,000 ballots will be mailed.  This is because now only residents of three special districts in Copperopolis will be receiving ballots that contain measures relating to fire district and/or residential district taxes. Turner added, the ballots Copperopolis residents receive will include Measure B because the ballots have already been printed, but any Measure B votes will not be recorded.  The financial impact of this latest chapter in the ongoing cannabis saga to the County is yet to be tallied, but officials have said special mail elections usually run about $40,000.00.


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