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Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Forest Service

Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Forest Service

A lawsuit has been filed against the US Forest Service regarding management of cattle grazing in the Stanislaus National Forest. According to reports, the Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center and the Sierra Forest Legacy filed the lawsuit, saying the Forest Service is out of compliance with the federal Clean Water Act in the way they allow cattle grazing. Grazing is done through permit in the Forest between summer and fall. The idea is that cattle help reduce fire fuels by grazing, but conservation groups say it has a negative side effect of damaging meadows and habitat and polluting streams. The lawsuit says areas where cattle graze for more than a week at a time are showing high water pollution levels. The groups state they are not trying to end cattle grazing and are open to working with the Forest Service, who they claim have not taken the right actions to mitigate the problem.


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