Sutter Creek Owns Knight's Foundry!

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Sutter Creek Owns Knight's Foundry

The Sutter Creek City Council has finalized its purchase of the historic Knight's Foundry and its content of historic artifacts.  Meeting last night, the Council approved the final purchase agreement for the site and its contents, the only surviving water powered foundry in the United States, and considered one of the most endangered historic monuments in the County.  With this agreement, the City purchases the contents of the buildings for $325,000, while the buildings themselves and the land they are on have been donated to the city.  The Knights Foundry Alliance has raised $200,000 for the purchase, with a private individual offering a loan of $125,000 interest free for two years to allow the fund raising to be completed.   In other business, the Council worked on a new set of regulations for marijuana in the City.  While Sutter Creek win join other Cities and Amador County in banning commercial sales or growing of pot, the City will allow outdoor growing of pot for personnel use.  Each property in town will be allowed to grow up to six plants for personal recreational use, either indoors or outdoors if properly screened from view of the street and neighbors.

Written by Craig Baracco