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No Clear Path Toward Marijuana Rules In Calaveras

No Clear Path Toward Marijuana Rules In Calaveras

It appears Calaveras County still has no clear path toward permanent marijuana rules, after a special meeting of the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. When faced with new marijuana rules and a rapidly expanding number of commercial growing operations, the Baord of Supervisors last year put into place a temporary moratorium on new grows and implemented permit fees and regulations for whatever growers were operating at the time and submitted permit applications. Since then, the permitting process has become bogged down and illegal grows – those that came after the ordinance or didn’t apply for permits – continue to rise. The Board appointed Supervisors Jack Garamendi and Dennis Mills to an ad-hoc committee to come up with a way to deal with the situation. Garamendi tells KVGC that they agreed on a path that included a public process involving a Cannabis Control Coordinator to create efficiencies in the process and make it clear that illegal grows will be eradicated. However, at a special meeting of the board yesterday, Mills told the board he had nothing to do with the plan and didn’t agree with it. Ultimately, the board dissolved the Ad Hoc committee and chose to not appoint a coordinator. That means things are basically the same as they were at the beginning of the year. Garamendi will be a guest on KVGC at 7:40 am Monday to talk more in depth on the issue. 


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