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Draft Ordinance To Ban Cannabis Cultivation Released

Draft Ordinance To Ban Cannabis Cultivation Released

The Calaveras County Planning Department released a 20-page draft ordinance Friday that would ban commercial cultivation of cannabis.  The document is in response to a directive from the County Board of Supervisors earlier this year. If the draft ordinance becomes law, it will prohibit; “to the maximum extent allowed under state law, with limited exceptions, the commercial, medical, and recreational cultivation, manufacture, testing, distribution, transportation, and storage of cannabis in order to preserve the public peace, health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Calaveras County and the environment”.   A section of the draft ordinance is also devoted to enforcement, fines and liability to pay costs and fines.   The new ordinance would deem anyone who violates it, guilty of a separate offense for each day a violation is committed, continued or permitted.  The fine would be $1,000 per day until the grow is eradicated and verified by an enforcement officer.   The draft ordinance also has a section stating it doesn’t apply to noncommercial cultivation of recreational cannabis by people 21 or older, and noncommercial cultivation of medical cannabis by people 18 or older, provided they grow no more than six plants indoors per private residence.  The Board of Supervisors will now review and make any changes or recommendations before the document undergoes a 45-day public review period. According to estimates, if implemented, the draft ban could eliminate from 200 to 500 businesses that would have been licensed under the regulatory program. To read the full 20-page draft ordinance visit http://planning.calaverasgov.us/Portals/planning/Plan%20Comm%20Meetings/Info/Cannabis/Ban%20Ord%20Final%20Draft%204-20-17.pdf online.


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