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The Wagon Train Trek Begins Today

The Wagon Train Trek Begins Today

You’ll want to leave a little earlier than normal tomorrow if Highway 49 is your commute route.  The horse-drawn covered wagons of the Kit Carson Mountain Man Wagon Train will be traveling on Hwy 49 from the Amador County Fairgrounds in Plymouth to Drytown, between 8 – 10 am tomorrow.  Later in the afternoon, the wagon train will travel on Hwy 49 from Old Hwy 49 at Sutter Hill to the Italian Picnic Grounds.  The wagon trains trek will continue on Saturday, along Highway 49 in Martell at Industry Boulevard and then leaving the highway at Depot Road, taking Jackson Gate Road the rest of the way to Main Street Jackson,for a brief visit before heading to the Kennedy Mine to camp for the night.  The three-day journey for the Wagon Train will actually start today at the Amador County Fairgrounds and loop through Plymouth and the Shenandoah Valley.   The horses travel between two and three miles per hour and vehicle traffic will be allowed to pass the wagon train where there are passing lanes on the highway.  Main Street in Jackson will close on Sunday from 10:30 - noon with the parade starting at 11.


Written by Dave Eisenhauer

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