AC Planning Commission Approves Mining Operation Extensions

AC Planning Commission  Approves Mining Operation Extensions

The Amador County Planning Commission conducted a ten-year review of the Kirkwood Meadows Master Plan, and approved extensions for mining operations in eastern Amador County at their meeting last night.   The Commission reviewed the conditions of approval for the Kirkwood Meadows Master Plan, first approved in 2003, which governs private development including single-family, multifamily and commercial development on the 800 acres in private ownership.   The review of the project included a report on the 180 conditions of approval on the development.   While most were checked off, some issues remain, such as dispute between the resort operator and the homeowner associations on who is responsible for snow removal, the continued need and timing of traffic studies conducted for the development, and the need to revise a requirement that 30% of resort employees live in Kirkwood.   The Master Plan review next goes before the Board of Supervisors.    The Commission also approved five year extensions for a pair of mining operations, near the border with Sacramento County.   Both mine gravel and other aggregates and are currently shut down, but both sites are being maintained so that mining operations can resume in the future.


Written By Craig Baracco

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