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Barrett Gets Six Years In Prison

Barrett Gets Six Years In Prison

Jeremiah Barrett was sentenced to six years in prison and compelled to pay $1,800 in felony restitution on Wednesday at the Calaveras County Superior Court for the charge of voluntary manslaughter and a special allegation enhancement on the use of a firearm in the death of Wesley David Smith. Yesterday’s sentence brings to an end the shooting of 3 men back on Oct. 20, 2015. Terry Glen Looney Jr., Robert Daniel Haney and Smith, who were shot by Barrett at a Mountain Ranch marijuana grow on. Barrett was acquitted of second-degree murder in the death of Haney and Looney. Barrett pled guilty on April 24 to the manslaughter charge in accordance with a stipulated plea agreement that allowed for victim impact statements to be read aloud during the hearing. Barrett has the opportunity to earn a 15 percent conduct and work time credit and was given 607 days credit for time served.


Written by Joey Guidi

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