Sutter Creek Adopts 17-18 Budget

Sutter Creek Adopts Budget

The Sutter Creek City Council has adopted the City's budget for the year.  Meeting last night, the Council voted to approve the city's fiscal plan for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The City's General Fund is expected to spend a little over 1.5 million dollars in the next year, with a small surplus of around $75,000.  The lion's share of the budget, about $900,000 will go to pay for the city police department.  193,000 will be spent on Building and Planning services, 158,000 on parks and recreation, and 147,000 on city roads.  In a related item, the Council approved a new fee schedule for the city, which raised fines and fees for a wide range of city services and violations.  For example, a red zone parking violation will now cost 150 dollars instead of 50, and renting out the Cribbs field baseball diamond will increase in cost from 20 dollars an hour to $25.  The Council also voted to allow ACES to increase it charge for trash pick-up, a 64 gallon container will now cost $23.39 per month, up from $21.36.


Written by Craig Baracco

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