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Butte Fire Invoice Letters Confuse

Butte Fire Invoice Letters Confuse

Butte Fire survivors have raised many questions regarding Invoice Letters they recently received. According to Calaveras County Public Information Officer, Sharron Torrence, Butte Fire Survivors who participated in the Right-of-Entry (ROE) program were sent a letter that included the total cost incurred by Cal Waste for removing fire debris from their property.  It was not a bill.  The purpose of the letter was to obtain information regarding insurance payments made to them that were allocated specifically for debris removal.  If a duplication of benefits occurred, then those dollars and only those dollars were to be reimbursed to the state. Because there have been many questions regarding this letter, the County prepared a “Most frequently asked questions” flyer.  That flyer can be viewed on the Butte Fire Recovery webpage on the Calaveras County website.


Written by KVGC Staff

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