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Jackson Places New Restrictions On Marijuana

Jackson Places New Restrictions On Marijuana

The Jackson City Council has approved a new city ordinance that regulates marijuana, placing new restrictions in response to the Proposition 64 regulation measure. The council approved a new set of regulations that essentially bans all commercial sale of recreational pot in the city through stores or deliveries. Under Proposition 64, personal use of pot is legal, but local governments can still regulate or even ban commercial sales. Prop 64 also allows individuals to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use, but under their new ordinance this grow is restricted to indoors only and you must get a permit from the city that will be renewed annually. While the city has the right to put a tax on pot should it ever be legal, the newly approved rules are about as restrictive as is possible under state law. In other business, the council passed an ordinance allowing the city to collect a fee for business license applications. The council also heard a report from county assessor Jim Rooney on property values and thus property tax receipts and voted to re-appoint Bob Klotz to the Jackson Planning Commission.

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