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Amador Water Agency Approves Rate Hike

Amador Water Agency Approves Rate Hike

Despite harsh criticism from members of the public in attendance, the Amador Water Agency Board of Directors has approved a rate increase for water service throughout Amador County.   Meeting in special session on Tuesday night where the rate increase was the only item on the agenda, the Board heard two hours of comments from the public.   Comments ran almost entirely against the rate increase and were far reaching, as members of the public critiqued the Water Agency's management, infrastructure spending, number of employees and general fiscal state.   Members of the public attacked the Water Agency for both rushing the rate increase and moving too slowly on it, employing too many consultants and not having those consultants do more analysis work on the rate increase, and both doing too much and too little to encourage water conservation.   Following the public hearing a count was made of Proposition 218 protest votes.  The Water Agency received 159 protests in the mail and in person, well short of the 3,600 needed to block the increase.  The Board voted 4-0 to approved the rate increase, citing increased operating expenses and decreased revue due to water conservation.   The rate increase will be 8% next year and 4% per year for the next four years.   A house with a typical sized meter will see their rate go up $4.31 per month next year and a total of $15.50 dollars a month after five years.  The increase will apply to the base fee, and will not increase the amount paid for water usage.


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