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Amador Sups. Approve Garbge Rate Increase

Amador Sups. Approve Garbge Rate Increase

It was a busy morning for the Amador Board of Supervisors, as they approved a garbage rate increase and heard an appeal for a loan from the Pine Grove Community Service District.  The Supervisors voted unanimously to approve a garbage rate increase for County residents.  Rates will go up 1.9% in the Northwest area of the County, and 3.56% in the Upcountry.  Over 5,000 customers were mailed a protest ballot under Proposition 218, but the County received only five protests, well short of the 50% needed to block increase.    Officials from the Pine Grove Community Service District petitioned the Board for a 1.2 million dollar loan to replace a failed half-million gallon water storage tank.  The Service District anticipates being able to pay the County back with a Federal Grant.  While Supervisors indicated support for helping fund the tank replacement, they requested more detailed financial information before voting on the loan request.   They Supervisors also heard a presentation on the County’s program to remove dead trees.  Trees along Belden Mine and Black Prince Roads have been removed with Defender Grade, Rams Horn Grade and Volcano-Shake Ridge Rd up next.    The Board also unanimously approved a resolution in reaction to the violence in Charlottesville, VA, urging residents of Amador to work to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner.


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