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Calaveras Supervisor, Garamendi Could Face Recall Election

Calaveras Supervisor, Garamendi Could Face Recall Election 

Calaveras County District 2 Supervisors, John Garamendi could be facing a recall election next year. Late last week, Garamendi was served notice that a recall effort would be filed with the Calaveras County Elections Department. According to proponents of the recall, the notice was issued because of Garamendi’s support for the commercial cannabis industry and the “disregard for the safety and wellbeing” of district 2 residents. It also condemned Garamendi for “ignoring” pleas to ban an industry that has brought an uptick of violent crime and environmental pollution to the county, adding that Garamendi was elected to represent the residents of the district and not force his political agenda on them. In a prepared statement, Garamendi says he supported a highly regulated cannabis industry because the only way to eliminate the pocket of illegal growers is by taxing legal growers and using the funds to empower the Sheriff’s Office and enforcement. If the petition clears the county election department requirements, proponents will be given 90 days to gather 25 percent of the registered voters within District 2 to qualify the recall for an election. That number would be in the range of 1,300 District 2 voters. 

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