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More Bear Sightings In Amador And Calaveras

More Bear Sightings In Amador And Calaveras 

More bear sightings have been reported over the past few days throughout Amador and Calaveras counties. According to KVGC listeners, on Friday morning, a bear was spotted off Carson Drive in the Pioneer area while another bear was spotted Saturday morning off of Highway 26 near Paloma. As previously reported, these were the usual “bear in the garbage” sightings. Fish and Wildlife officials have a series of tips to help prevent bear problems on your property. First off, never feed bears! Report any instance of bears being fed of getting into human food. Place trash in bear-proof containers and don’t leave pet food outside or make bird feeders accessible to bears. Officials also say if you come in contact with a bear, to be aggressive with them, but to use caution. Black bears are very common in our area and have become used to humans and no longer have a strong fear of us. Fish and Wildlife authorities say to be responsible and to take actions and precautions when dealing with wildlife. 

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