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138 Teachers In The CUSD Have Agreed To Strike!

138 Teachers In The CUSD Have Agreed To Strike! 

The Calaveras Unified Educators Association announced yesterday that 138 teachers in the Calaveras Unified School District have agreed to strike starting Thursday, October 19th, due to unresolved issues and salary. According to CUEA President Lorraine Angel, a strike has never been a goal, it’s the school boards refusal to bargain with the union in good faith that is creating chaos for education in the Calaveras school community. Angel says, while teachers do not want to strike, the school board may leave them with no viable alternative other than rolling over, effectively giving up on the collective bargaining process. Teachers will begin removing personal items from classrooms today in preparation for Thursday’s strike. According to a press release from CUSD, campuses will remain open, but all extra-curricular activities, including sports, will be canceled due to a potential lack of staff. CUEA and CUSD have been negotiating since March of 2016 for a new contact but have fallen short. In May 2017, during a state fact-finding hearing, a state-appointed chair of the hearing sided on behalf of the Teachers Union. District Superintendent Mark Campbell contends that he and the school board have made an offer that they feel is as fair as the district can afford, given current and future conditions.   

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