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Ione Adopts New Restrictive Marijuana Ordinance

Ione Adopts New Restrictive Marijuana Ordinance 

The City of Ione is moving forward with a new, restrictive ordinance, governing marijuana. Following a special meeting last week the city council took over two and a half hours of testimony on the subject, last night the Ione city council instructed the city staff to prepare what is essentially the maximum level allowed under the state’s new legalization law, proposition 64. The council directed that the city ordinance ban all commercial uses of the drug, including growing, sales, and deliveries. While proposition 64 does allow adults to grow up to 6 cannabis plants for personal use, Ione will regulate that activity as well, requiring a special permit, building inspection, and not allowing it at houses with minors present. The city has until the end of the year to adopt its ordinance before state regulations go into effect.


In other business, the council approved a new ordinance and fee for building secondary dwellings, or “Granny Flats” in the city, with the goal to make it easier and cheaper to add those dwellings. The council also took up a trio of items related to the city sewer system, including additional money for the city’s waste-water engineer, a new groundwater monitoring contract and change orders for work currently going on at the city sewer plant. Work on lining a pair of treatment ponds at the plant is expected to be completed by the end of the year. 

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