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ACUSD School Construction Bond

ACUSD School Construction Bond 

The Amador School Board, lifted by positive results from a countywide poll are now looking to put a school construction bond on the November 2018 ballot.  In a workshop held Wednesday, the Board received the poll results as well as reports from the various school site committees which have been meeting to evaluate the facility needs at the School Districts various campuses.   The polling results are encouraging with 60% of likely voters in the June primary supporting a school bond when asked and 64% of likely voters in the 2018 General Election.   Under current State law, school bonds require the support of 55% of voters to be approved.  The poll also tested various pro- and anti- school bond messages and looked at support in various locations around the county and in different demographic groups.   The School site committees identified 160 million dollars in projects, with 100 million dollars for projects considered top priority.  The school bond as drafted would raise $78,000,000 and raise property taxes at a annual rate of 5.9 cents per 100,000 of assessed property value.  The Board directed District staff and the consulting team to continue to prepare the process for calling for a bond election for the November Election.


Written by Craig Baracco

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