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Chapin-Pinotti Pays All Of Her Court Ordered Victim Restitution

Chapin-Pinotti Pays All Of Her Court Ordered Victim Restitution

A former Amador County School Official has squared up her debt with the School District. KVGC learned late last week that Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti has fully paid all of her court-ordered victim restitution, a sum of just under 200,000 dollars. Following Chapin-Pinotti’s conviction in May of 2017 for a scheme in which the former interim school district superintendent had the Amador school system buy books that she herself had authored and had a financial interest in, she was ordered to pay $197,353.54 in victim restitution for the fraud. $1,800 is to go to the County Office of Education and the balance to Amador Unified School District. Together with various court fees, Chapin-Pinotti owed a total of $199,888.04. Court receipt records show that a series of payments, usually monthly, all for two hundred of two hundred and fifty dollars have been made on the account, before a final payment of $196,323.04 was made on November 26th to fully paid off the amount owed. Chapin-Pinotti was also sentenced to 120 days in home confinement with a GPS monitor and five years probation. She was stripped of her state of teaching credentials in August of this year. Chapin-Pinotti had served as interim school superintendent for a year before that, ten years as assistant superintendent for curriculum.

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