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The Scam Artist's Are At It Again!

The Scam Artist's Are At It Again! 

The SCAM artist's are at it again….Just this week, the Amador Sheriff’s office reports more County citizens were victimized by telephone scams.  One scam included the caller telling you they are from the U.S. Government and you qualify for a grant, due to your good behavior over the past 10 years.  Once you believe them, they ask for a payment using pre-paid debit cards prior to claiming your reward.  In the second scam, you receive an automated message stating your social security number has been suspended because of suspicious activity.  The message will then ask you to "Press 1" to continue and enter your social security number.  These are both scams!  f you receive any phone calls like these in the future, please hang up and notify the Sheriff's Office.

Written by KVGC Staff


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