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Negative Impacts Of The Highway 16 Build Out Top ACTC Meeting

Negative Impacts Of The Highway 16 Build Out Top ACTC Meeting

The negative impacts of the Highway 16 build out were again the topic of discussion at last week’s Amador County Transportation Committee meeting.   The presentation highlighted the traffic impacts of the redesign of the Sacramento County portions of Highway 16 and future development, on the movement between Amador County and Sacramento.   Citing a traffic study conducted by Sacramento County, ACTC highlighted the impacts of development slated for the Highway 16 corridor now that control of the road has been given to Sacramento County.   Future plans call for the 8.2 miles between Grant Line Road and South Watt Ave to have some 35,000 homes or more built.  Highway 16 would be converted to four or possibly six-lane boulevards and 8 to 15 new traffic lights would be added.  While in 2013 it took 12 minutes to drive this stretch of road, with the new traffic lights it would take an estimated 27 minuets.  The current travel time from Plymouth to South Watt is 36 minutes, at full project build-out, travel time would 64 minutes.  The presentation concluded that, in full build-out traffic conditions, the number of winery visits to Amador County from Sacramento County would be cut in half.   ACTC has long fought efforts to develop the Highway 16 corridor in Sacramento County, citing the negative transportation impacts on Amador County.

Written by Craig Baracco

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