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ACUSD Board Faced Firestorm Over Firing

ACUSD Board Faced Firestorm Over Firing 

The Amador School Board faced a firestorm of criticism over the firing of an Elementary School Principal on Wednesday night.   The meeting space was filled beyond capacity with members of the public loudly protesting the recently-announced decision to not renew the contract of Pioneer Elementary Principal Laurie Carson.   Members of the public were waving signs and wearing t-shirts in support of Carson and the board also received numerous comments during public comment, praising Carson, who has been principal at Pioneer for five years, calling on the School Board to reverse the decision. Addressing the Board, Pioneer 5th grade teacher Stephanie Davis said “I’ve been racking my brain for an answer to why this district fires such a phenomenal, beloved, veteran principal?  We know it isn’t about job performance.”   After almost of an hour of comments about Carson, the Board then moved into closed session, where under the Brown act, discussion of personnel matters is held.  Following the closed session Board President Susan Ross reported out of the closed session the board approval of a dismissal or re-assignment of a Principal on a 4-1 vote with Jame Marzano, who represent the up-country District 3 that includes Pioneer, being the reported no vote. Carson was not named in the action, but widely assumed to be the Principal in the closed-session action.  Shouts from audience met the announcement of the decision. As the meeting continued, as protest singing from the hallway outside the meeting made it difficult to hear inside, Board President Susan Ross ordered the meeting room cleared, but quickly reversed course and allowed the meeting to continue.  Former school board member Bob Laurent, addressing the board later in the meeting, denounced the decision to fire Carson and called on Ross to be recalled from office.

Written by Craig Baracco

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