Wildfire Preparedness Week

“Wildfire Preparedness Week” is upon us in the Golden State and Cal Fire is cautioning homeowners that wildfires have changed and we must adapt.  Stating that, once again, California’s wet winter has created a sizable crop of new grass growth, CAL Fire officials caution the public not to let the soggy weather deter from preparing property as now is the precise time to act to prevent wildfires.  Statistics already this year show CAL Fire crews have responded to more than 470 wildfires that have burned over 1,180 acres.  Back in March, Governor Newsom directed CAL Fire to recommend immediate, medium and long-term actions to help prevent destructive wildfires of which 35 priority fuel reduction projects covering 90,000 acres were identified.  When work is completed it will help protect over 200 of the state’s most wildfire-vulnerable communities.  Cal-Fire reminds us all, taking the initiative to prepare your home and community now, will be key in preventing the unfathomable damage that wildfires can cause.                         

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