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Parking Changes in Sutter Creek

The Sutter Creek City Council is moving forward with major changes to parking in the City.   At last night’s Council meeting, members reviewed a new parking master plan for the city that sets parking, loading and no parking zones throughout the city, as well as setting parking times in city lots.  The new plan, plus the changes made by the Main Street Bridge project, mean changes in City parking zones.  The new Main Street Bridge will be designated for passenger loading and unloading only.   Several loading zones and a number of red no parking zones, will be removed or reduced in size increasing the number of parking spots available, particularly on Main Street, but some no parking areas will be extended on some narrow roadways off of Main.  Parking times for city lots will be reduced, with more centrally located lots limited to 3 hours and those further from the downtown core allowing 6-hour parking times.   The Council also approved a pair of resolutions that will increase City fees for both use of City facilities, such as renting public buildings, and increase the amount the City charges for building permits.   Finally, the Council also approved moving forward with a study on wastewater rates charged by the City.   Such studies are typically used to set rates, resulting in increased charges for city sewer services.                                                                       

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