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Plymouth City Votes Down Sister City Delegation

The Plymouth City Council last night, voted down a proposal to spend City funds to welcome a delegation from its sister city in Mexico.  Plymouth has maintained sister city status with Jocotepec, Mexico, exchanging a pair of delegations over the last few years. A proposal to budget up $4,000 to help welcome a delegation during the Amador County Fair was voted down on 3-2 vote. Peter Amoruso and Jon Colburn, who both were part of Plymouth’s delegation to Jocotepec, supported the expenditure, saying it would promote cultural exchange and tourism. Leonard Burns and Keith White oppose, objecting to scheduling the visit during the County Fair, while Valerie Klinefelter opposed the proposal citing a lack of a specific budget and the city not making an application to itself for the expenditure of Transit Occupancy Fund as did other groups. The Council also approved a new version of the City’s employee manual, which had been updated in a number of sections to reflect changes in labor law and other city policies. The Council also received a presentation by the Amador Fire Protection District on the Department’s proposed “Fee for Service.” The City of Plymouth receives fire protection from the AFPD and several Councilmembers had objections to the proposal, which would see insurance companies billed for services when the Fire Department responds to medical emergency calls.

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