Sutter Creek General Plan

The Sutter Creek City continued it’s work on updating the City’s General Plan.  At their meeting last night, the Council continued revisions to the current General Plan, which serves as the basic law of the City, setting policy in a wide range of subjects from public safety to land use.  The City has been working on its current update, with several interruptions since 2011.   After taking comments from the public, organizations such as the Foothill Conservancy, and Council members, a number of additional changes have made, including a move away from a historic preservation district and to the preservation of individual buildings and other structures, and more forceful language where “should” is replaced with “shall” to make policies mandates rather than suggestions.  The City will also be updating it land use map as part of the process. The General Plan will make at least one more appearance before the Council before its final adoption.  The Council also discussed the possibility of raising the City’s transit occupancy tax from its current 10% up to 12%.  The tax is charged to hotel room stays in the city.  If the Council wanted to increase the tax, it would need to be put before the City’s voters during the next general election which will be held in November of 2020.

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